Marldon Joinery is our in-house joinery works. Joinery plays a large part in a Marldon development and it is one of our unique selling points. It is often highlighted by estate agents as an integral part of the Marldon brand.

Marldon Joinery has been run by Eddie Markes since 1995. Based at head office in Clapham Old Town, Eddie is involved in all projects, regularly attending meetings on design, budget and programming issues with project managers and architects. Eddie is able to tailor his joinery to ensure that it meets the needs of the each project.

Typical items manufactured by Marldon Joinery include fitted kitchens, bedroom wardrobes, windows, doors, staircases, mouldings, bed bases and bedside tables, cabinets and TV units. Marldon Joinery also coordinates any associated work required to ensure that the finished product is delivered to site. This includes appliances and worktops for the kitchen, or the glazing for the windows.

The joinery workshop is situated in Wandsworth (a warehouse comprising of 6, 500 ft²). There is a machine shop, bench/installation area on the main floor with completed joinery store, tearoom and site facilities, and an office on a mezzanine floor. With a workforce of eight, the new enlarged premises affords plenty of opportunity for expansion.

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